There are several reasons why you may make applications to the Land Registry:

Application by Legal Personal Representative (APR)  – this form is used by the executor(s) or administrator(s) of a deceased sole proprietor or a tenant in common of land (vacant land, house, and land, strata units, etc). 

Application by Surviving Proprietor (ASP) – this form is used by the surviving proprietor(s) when two or more people are registered as joint proprietors of land, mortgage, charge, or lease.

Application to convert a paper Certificate of Title to an Electronic Certificate of Title EPCT – this is a simple application that can be done on PEXA.

Application for a new folio of the Registrar – Form 11 – A new folio may be necessary if:

    • a proprietor’s name is incorrect, incomplete, or has changed
    • proprietor(s) want to change the manner of holding
    • proprietor(s) want to consolidate interests
    • proprietor(s) want to consolidate parcels into one folio
    • proprietor(s) want to create separate folios for separately transferrable parcels.

Application for a Lost or destroyed Certificate of Title – Before completing the application the applicant is required statutory declaration, the subscriber must request and receive confirmation that exhaustive and thorough searches be conducted for the paper certificate of title from:

    • the applicant(s);
    • the party to whom the certificate of the title was last issued or their successor;
    • any Australian Legal Practitioner, Law Practice or Licensed Conveyancer who may have held the certificate of title; 
    • any financial institutions, accounting firms, or accountants that may have held the certificate of title;
    • any caveator of a caveat alleging a charge or mortgage affecting the land the subject of the application; and 
    • if not one of the above, the person that last held the certificate of title.

There are applications to be made, too many to list, however, we can guide and assist with them.  See link to land registry https://www.land.vic.gov.au/land-registration/fees-guides-and-forms

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