SRO Stamp Duty

When you buy or acquire property in Victoria including your home, you pay duty on your purchase.   The State Revenue Office (SRO) is the Victorian Government’s major tax collection agency.  The SRO is responsible for administering state legislation, collecting taxes, and providing contemporary revenue management services to our customers. Their role is to administer a range of state taxes and duties such as payroll tax, land tax, and stamp

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Owner Builder Warranty – Non Structural Works

Are Owner Builders required to obtain it for purchasers?  Yes, Owner Builders need to supply a purchaser Owner Builder Warranty when they have done work prior to a sale (2 years) that did not require a building permit. It could have been the new kitchen, bathroom, tiling, painting, etc, if it was over $16,000 (builders prices) then your Owner Builder selling their home is required to supply the purchaser Owner

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